Hi! I’m Basma.

I was two years old when I suffered third-degree burns on my face from a kitchen accident. Despite hundreds of surgeries throughout my childhood, I was still left with a bright red scar.

At the age of 17, I developed a treatment that helped camouflage my scar with my skin tone. The results were so remarkable that I went on to open two clinics where I perform this procedure on people with all types of skin conditions.

I started BASMA Beauty because I understand the power of makeup. While it can’t erase your past or heal what you're feeling on the inside, it can give you that temporary boost of confidence when you need it most. But most importantly, it’s a choice. So whether you rock a full glam look, or opt for nothing at all — it's yours to decide.

That's the essence of BASMA Beauty. We believe you should write your own beauty story and have makeup that fits into your lifestyle — and not the other way around.

Inclusivity Image
Inclusivity Image